writing every day

Josh (that’d be The Husband) suggested that I write something every day to help with my writing goals.  At first, I rejected the idea.  I mean, how can writing the word “something” help me? 

Sorry, blame the bad humor on living with the King of Bad Jokes for almost fifteen years.

So, here’s the start of a year of blogging.  Every day.  There’s no theme.  I won’t be cooking an item of out some cookbook or living Biblical or whatever other people do to get a book offer via blogging about some crazy idea they had…because I haven’t figured out what I’d love to do enough every day that’s crazy enough to get a book/movie deal.  This will just be me, my life, my times, and my thoughts.  Don’t expect brilliant.  I have four children who routinely distract me and cause me to do things like use bad grammar (the horrors!) and generally make me weep for my degree in English. 

Case in point – right now, Miriam is walking Big Dog about on his leash, as Little Dog eats a bowl of cereal, left on the ground by Maura, who’s wearing Collin’s snow pants, Miriam’s boots and nothing else.  That is the sort of non-Hemingwaylike items that may be abundant on this blog.  You have been warned.