Music Monday

I’ve decided I shall implement “Music Mondays” around here…because I like music.  Simple enough 😉 

For our first MM here, I am posting the video to one of my favourite bands, Great Big Sea (aka, cool Newfoundland band.)  I post this video because two of my kids are in it.  See, they had this “Hey, send us pictures for our video and maybe yours will get in” thing, so I sent some in.  And two got in.  I was completely and totally geeked about it, and still am.

The video is for their song “Walk on the Moon” from their album Fortune’s Favour.  Miriam is spotted briefly at 0:18 – she is the picture all the way to the right, group of four pictures of girls, all ice skaters except Miriam (the picture is of her going to her first dance recital dress rehearsal.)  Sean has a better cameo – he’s at 1:06, the picture of the boy rock climbing.