Dr. Who

My father was a fan of Dr. Who in the ’70’s.  I could hear the theme music every weekend through the vent in my bedroom, which was right above the tv room when he’d watch it.  My husband Josh got into the new series of Dr. Who, and I have to admit, I’ve gotten hooked.

Last weekend, BBC America had a marathon of Dr. Who shows, as this season and this current version of the Doctor were coming to an end.  Josh dvr’ed all of them, and we’ve been going through the different episodes of David Tennant’s Doctor.  Tennant is brilliant as the Doctor, fun and quirky in his own way.  And the places they send these characters to are quite inventive.  I will admit, it has me thinking, re-thinking about The Book I’m writing.  It needs more fun and quirk and oddities.  I now need to figure out – do I go back and edit now, or go forward still and once done, add in more quirkiness?

Luckily, I have time to ponder all this as I continue to catch up on laundry from Christmas break, and work on organizing my home so it won’t look neglected when I do finally find time to write again. 

I am also pondering…where can I get a sonic screwdriver?  It would come in handy sometimes.