Only Us

Yes, I’m adding another category – Only Us – as in “things that only happen to us”.

Today’s installment – Why Josh should listen to his wife.

We went out tonight.  Josh had backed the Suburban into the garage, so drove straight out.  I said something like “Gee, what’s that noise?”  It sounded like we were dragging something.  Josh said it was the ice on the tires.  I then noticed the truck was still in 4×4 mode and mentioned that.  Josh turned it off, we turned onto the pavement and sure enough, dragging noise stopped.

(Note – we live on a corner lot, were the road to the driveway isn’t paved, but the crossroad is paved.)

Three hours later, we return home.  We both noticed something very large in the road, and a car coming our way going around it.  At first I thought “Wow!  That’s a really big deer that’s been hit.”  And then our headlights hit the object.

It’s our pool.

Yep, when Josh backed into the garage, he accidentally hooked the pool that had been bundled up and  parked in the very back of the garage. So when I said “Gee, it sounds like we’re dragging something.”…well, we were. 

To Josh, the amazing part was that for three hours, people drove around it.  No one thought to move it to the side of the road.  Which Josh promptly did. 

But really – who drags a pool behind their car?  Only us I guess. 

*note that while  it is past midnight here and therefore technically a new day, I haven’t gone to bed yet, so for me, it’s still Wednesday.