We are looking for Blue’s Clues…

we are looking for Blue’s Clues…we are looking for Blue’s Clues, I wonder where they are?

I’ve been watching Blue’s Clues since it first came out.  That was about 13 years ago.  Let me tell you, that’s a lot of clue finding.

I remember way back when, when they would show the same episode every day of the week.  The concept was that by the end of the week, the child would be able to find all the clues.  I think the reality was, they only had so many episodes to show.  Because after a couple years, they started mixing up the episodes to a different one every day.

Collin was the first one to love Blue’s Clues.  He was Blue for Halloween when he was two.  Sean was six months old and  the Clue.  We were the hit of Boo at the Zoo that year, and to this day, one of my favorite costumes for the kids.  Sean wore a light blue outfit with a light blue bib with a paw print.  No child really got it, but every parent did and would exclaim “Look!  He’s a CLUE!” 

When Collin was about four years old, we had what I called “The Summer of Steve”. He had the handy-dandy notebook, his green crayon, a green striped polo shirt and khaki shorts.  He would wear that shirt and shorts combo just about every single day.  I would have gotten him a second shirt, but the stores had run out.  I spent a lot of time washing that shirt.  Collin would even state that his name was Steve and he wanted to be called that, and sometimes, would only answer to it.  This became such an issue that I made him promise that if he were ever lost and a policeman asked him his name, he would say it was Collin.  I had visions of looking for Collin and a policeman thinking “Wow, sounds like that kid Steve we found.” 

Sean and Miriam also enjoyed Blue’s Clues, but not like Collin did.  Maura however came along and took up the torch.  She loved Blue’s Clues.  She loved Blue, loved the song and dance at the beginning, would cry when it was over.  She even got her own green striped polo shirt to wear. 

Now, the funniest thing with Maura’s love of Blue’s Clues is that she has never taken to Joe.  Nope, she’s a Steve girl, just like her mama.  In the beginning, if Joe was on-screen, Maura would leave the room.  Which I was fine with, I wasn’t a fan of Joe (and no offense, but the episode where he plays the role of Little Red Riding Hood…well…he’s just a little creepy.)  But Steve….ah, Steve.  I love Steve.  I could go off on a tangent about the differences of Joe and Steve, but then I will revel the true depth of my illness. 

Over the past few months, Maura has had no time for her regular shows.  She hasn’t asked for Blue’s Clues in some time.  But this morning she came into my room and asked for Blue’s Clues. I found an episode about snow and for 24 minutes, I had a happy little girl watching Steve and Blue looking for clues.  And somewhere in a memory box is that green striped polo from our Summer of Steve days.