The Zip Coaster Experience

Today Miriam reached a very big milestone – she was finally tall enough for some of the bigger rides and tubes at the water park.  Having been the short girl myself, I know what a big deal this is.  That didn’t mean I didn’t balk when Mim wanted to do this water roller coaster thing.

It’s called the zip coaster.  You climb up a couple stories to the top, where you sit in this little boat for two and they shoot you through tubes and tunnels.  At first, I thought it was a ride that required an inner tube and I wasn’t that thrilled with the idea.  But Miriam was very excited about being able to ride it, and Josh (who turns green at a picture of a roller coaster) gave me a guilt trip, so I offered to go one time.

We climbed up to the top, Miriam bouncing along the way, all shades of excited and happy.  We get into line and I spot the boats.  Like little life rafts.  Suddenly it doesn’t seem too bad to me.  I mean, you get a boat to sit in.  How bad can it be? 

We get closer to the starting point and I’m watching them shoot these boats with people in them into full speed instantly and uphill, and I’m not sure about all this.  Miriam however is super excited still.  In front of us in line is a mom and dad and two boys.  Mom goes to get into the boat with the boy and the boy refuses to, becomes teary because he’s scared.  So Mom, being a good mom, says it’s not a big deal and steers him through the crowd down the stairs.  The two ladies behind me asked if he was okay and I said yes, he was just scared.  And that I didn’t blame him, I was a bit nervous.  The two ladies admitted they were too.

And then it was our turn.  I sat in front (because the heavier person sits up front) and Miriam sits behind.  There are cloth handles to grip and I tell Mim to hold on.  The guy hits the button and we shoot off uphill.

This is when Miriam started screaming.  We fly over the first hill, catch air, make contact with the slide only to be propelled over another hill, catch more air, Miriam’s still screaming, I try to shout to her to close her eyes, we go through a tunnel, around curves and at some point Miriam screams “I’m never going on this again!”  Through another tunnel, where I get a face full of water and thirty seconds after it all began, it’s over.  Miriam leaps out of the boat and I’m now laughing, because I’m relieved we survived.  She says to me “That was HORRIBLE!  I’m NEVER going on that AGAIN!”  Josh is waiting for us, laughing hysterically because he could hear Mim screaming the entire time, he knew exactly where our boat was from her screams.  But he did give her proper sympathy and hugs.

I see the two ladies who were behind us in line and they see Miriam hugging her daddy, all traumatized, and give me the “aww” face.  I let them know Mim’s resolution to never ride it again and they said “We won’t either!”  

Afterwards, I find out the boys haven’t even ridden this.  No, just Miriam and I.  So I let her know that at least she was brave enough to try it.  But at least she didn’t love it and want to go on it again, because quite frankly, there’s no way I’m going on that again!  Especially with my fifty pound lightweight of a child who doesn’t weigh her end of the boat down, because I’m not sure we were supposed to go a little airborne on that!