doing the iThang

I’ve borrowed my husband’s Big Bad MacBook Pro  tonight, as I left my laptop and netbook both at home.  I thought about bringing the netbook but then decided I wouldn’t need it on this weekend trip to the indoor water park.  This was family time.  Then after I left my pretty pink netbook at home, I realized I couldn’t blog.  Now Josh had his MacBook with him (he was at the conference at the resort – CodeMash if you’re interested in knowing), so I’m on it now to write.

I’m not a total Apple novice.  I can figure my way around a Mac and have an iPod.  Neither of us have an iPhone.  Contrary to all those AT&T commercials, their map doesn’t cover us.  You know who does?  Verizon.  Anyhoo, I have the iPod, an old one of Josh’s (it actually says on the back “To Josh Holmes from Preemptive Solutions”, so I always know it’s mine.)  I also have now inherited Josh’s old Zune.  Most of my music is on my iPod, but only because I haven’t had time to play with the Zune.  I am completely geeked that the Zune comes with a radio – did you know that?  I didn’t. And if you’re listening to a song on the radio on your Zune and you like it, you can buy it instantly right there and then, instead of thinking “Oh, I need to get this song!” and then forget by the time you get to your iTunes account.  I learned all this while hanging at the Microsoft booth at the CMA Fest this summer.

Yeah, in case you were wondering, my husband works for Microsoft.  Just so we can have that out there.

Like I stated, I’m not an Apple product novice.  When my mom got her first Mac, I helped her figure it out.  Now I know everyone says “Oh, Mac’s are SO easy!”  Having used both…I don’t think one is any easier than the other.  Just a matter of taste. I thought about getting a MacBook the last time I was getting a big laptop, but I could get so much more for my money by going with a PC.  Sure, the Mac has a pretty apple light on the cover, but the most basic one was a thousand dollars.  I got my big laptop for four hundred dollars less. 

This machine is big and pretty and has a nice wrist-rest for me.  But the big thing I’m noticing that really is annoying me is having to click on the little bar whenever I want to place the cursor.  No little tap on the pad.  Nope, I have to place, then click.  It’s a weird little annoyance, but it’s an annoyance to this writer chick.  I guess it’s good I’m not in love with the MacBook, since I can’t afford one anyway!