Music Monday

One of my favorite groups is Train.  I got to see them in concert once.  See, I tagged along with Josh to the Microsoft TechEd conference in 2006, and for the big finale of a party, Microsoft rented Fenway Park and got Train to play a concert that evening.  I was really excited about this.  I think my first response when hearing Train was playing was “Are you freaking kidding me???”  Needless to say, I bullied Josh into getting a very good seat up close, as the stage was butted up against the home team’s dugout.

Eventually, the concert begins, which started with some very loud local band.  Then Train came on, I’m all geeked out as Josh is texting or whatever on his phone.  At one point, the lead singer says jokingly “When I heard we were playing the Microsoft concert, I thought there’d be more women.”  Laughter ensued, as there were probably 10,000 men and 13 women (I exaggerate, but not much.  At any time I could walk into the ladies room and have my pick of stalls, if that gives you any idea.)

So everyone is laughing, and then he says “Why don’t we get some of these lovely ladies up here.”  I am pretty certain my eyes bugged out of my head a little, Josh said “Do you want to go?”  I said “YES!” and next thing I knew, I was being helped up onto the dugout roof by some nice young men. 

Yes, on a total fluke, at a Microsoft conference where something like this should have never happened, I ended up dancing on the dug out roof of the Boston Red Sox right next to the lead singer of Train (along with 30-40 other women)…and ended up on the big tv screen, which lead to Josh being text things like “Do you know where your wife is right now?”  LOL!  And best of all, it was to one of my favorite songs of theirs (“She’s On Fire”, off the Drops of Jupiter album.)

So yeah, I’m a fan.  And when I heard they were coming out with a new album this fall, I was geeked.  And when I heard the first single, it happily turned out to be one of those songs I just liked instantly.  It’s fun to listen to, fun to sing along to, the lyrics are creative, which I like. 

Now, after all that, this week’s Music Monday choice – “Hey Soul Sister” by Train