House Rules

If you notice, I have a Twitter thingy on the side of the blog titled “House Rules and Other Things”.  It’s updated when ever we come up with a new rule or thought to live by in our household.

It all started one day a couple years ago.  Sean came home from school, his light blue shirt splattered with some purplish liquid.  I asked him how his shirt ended up in that condition and he explained how he took a pomegranate to school, but didn’t know how to open it, so was trying to open it when it splattered him all over.  I said “Okay, new rule.  Don’t take fruit that you don’t know how to eat to school.”

You know, most of these rules I come up with stem from Sean.  The fruit one, no licking the cat, don’t use a sledge hammer ever…the good news is, Sean usually asks before attempting things, so I can deny him the request.  Like today, there was ice on the porch, I asked Sean to break it up.  He said “Can I use the sledge hammer?”  I said no.  “What about a pickaxe?”  Again, no.  Not that we have a pickaxe, but even if we did, the answer would still be no. It’s right up there with no running with knives, no jumping on the trampoline while eating, no doing anything that requires me taking you to the ER for stitches…again.

Yes, rules are good.  Rules keep life a little saner, and our children stitch-free.