London Calling

  My husband, being the supercool uber geek that he is, has been asked to take part in some big deal geek conference.  Which isn’t unusual.  Except this geek conference is in London.

Needless to say, when he told me that, I said “Can I go too?”

Details have been worked out and I shall be going.  I can’t wait!  We went to Ireland a little over a year ago and it was amazing!  Now, the Ireland trip was a bigger deal.  Ireland is home to my ancestors, we had more time and the ability to rent a car and drive about the countryside, which we did.  I wanted to see all I could in Ireland.  I want to go  back.  Heck, I want to move there!

Now London is also so very appealing.  I’m already perusing guide books to mark down what I want to see.  The Globe is at the top of the list, as Josh and I have theatre roots.  There are galleries and palaces and pubs oh my!  See, in Ireland, we had this one hard cider, Bulmers, which I was introduced to by a very nice Dubliner.  In England, the same brew is made but called Magners.  You can bet your bottom dollar I will hunt some down!