Random thoughts while watching t.v.

I’m going back and forth between the State of the Union and Ghost Hunters International. Out of the two, I will state, I prefer Ghost Hunters.  But, in an attempt to be a more informed citizen, I feel I should give the State of the Union some attention.

The one thing I have always noticed is these addresses seem to take too dang long.  We’re Americans.  We have the attention span of gnats sometimes.  I mean, American Idol was supposed to be on for crying out loud!  (Not that I ever watch it.)

So why in heaven’s name do they waste so much time applauding and giving standing ovations every 30 seconds?  Is it really necessary?  I mean, does anyone at home stand up and applaud that much at this talks?  In the time it took me to write this paragraph, there have been three.

And now I’m back to Ghost Hunters.  Because I like it.  They’re in Tasmania, going though an old prison campus. 

Back to the address – oh look, they’re standing and applauding again.  Really, this could be a half an hour shorter if people stopped this.  And they’re applauding again.  They’re applauding about doing their jobs?  More applause. 

I’d hate to be the Vice President and Speaker, who have to sit behind the President while he talks.  It can’t be easy.  They have to sit there and look interested and supportive.  At some point, their faces are going to crack.  Mine would. 

And more applause.

And another standing O. 

Back to Ghost Hunters…ooo…they may have caught something on film.

You know, these two programs do have something in common – both are trying to convince you of something that is unreal.