It’s Potty Time!

If you really don’t want to read about the insanity that is potty training, feel free to skip tonight’s post.

Okay, for the rest of you parental sorts who can appreciate it…

Today’s Bid Deal is that Maura actually peed IN the potty!  I’ve been talking about it all day.  You would be too if you had to wait six and a half years for that moment, not knowing if it would ever come.  We (the school staff and ourselves) started potty training about ten days ago.  This morning was our first success.

Everyone who knows Maura is excited.  You should be too.  It is a very big deal.  I’m hoping this means that by this time next year, Maura will be fully potty trained.  I hope she is – she’s outgrowing those Pampers size 7!