buy a trampoline

Not a big one.  A mini one.  To keep inside your house during long cold winters.

I bought one a couple weeks ago.  Partially for Maura to play on and use.  Partially for me to maybe use to exercise.  It has turned into the best $40 I have spent this year.  Maura does love it, and yes, I have gotten on there a few times.  But the main payoff is the older three kids.

For Miriam, it’s fun.  For Sean, it’s a great way to expel ALL that extra energy he always seems to have.  The surprising one is Collin, who constantly gets on it and jumps around.  Jumping on a mini-trampoline is actually good cardio, strengthens leg muscles you didn’t realize you had, and is fun.  And so far, no one has hurt themselves on it, not even me (knock on wood.) 

Sure, you constantly hear “ba-boing! ba-boing!” all day long, but at least it’s channeling all that boyish energy into something positive, rather than the boys chasing each other around and ramming their sibling into a wall/couch/little sister.  And it’s very cute when Maura sees it, says “Bounce!” and hops on up there to bounce about.