I am a happy happy girl

Tonight, the husband and I went out to our favorite Irish pub in the area.  And discovered that they now carry Magners on tap.

Magners is the export name for the hard cider we had in Ireland.  In Ireland, it’s called Bulmers.  It’s export is called Magners.  I was looking forward to having this when we went to London.  Needless to say, discovering it locally made me clap my hands like a little kindergarten girl given a treat. 

We each got a pint and tasted its smooth silky hard cider goodness.  And between drinking that, being in the cozy corner of this local Irish pub, with musicians playing Irish tunes, it really almost felt like we were in Ireland again.  Especially when the little girl came skipping out to step dance to the tunes in the pub. 

Of course, after a pint, I’m a bit sleepy, so that’s all you’re getting out of me tonight.