Today I tried getting out of the house and doing some writing.  Instead, it turned into a big unproductive afternoon.  I haven’t worked on my book for a few weeks and it’s showing.

See, I don’t know how the middle goes.  I know the beginning and the ending, and am sort of filling in the rest.  I was never one to write outlines for papers in high school and college, I guess I’m not that kind of writer in adulthood either.

Usually, this isn’t a problem.  I have a general idea of how the story should be going, and follow that.  But today, I stared at the screen.  Tried one thing, didn’t like it, deleted it. Tried another thing, got interrupted by real life.  Realized that what I did wasn’t right either.  Did finally figure out the whole scene after I packed up and was driving home.  So now I have to fix things and hopefully will be able to move forward.  I don’t need another Chapter 12.  That chapter gave me a headache.