One of those days

I have a lot of “those” days.  Those long days where you seem like you never get to sit down.  Where you run from here to there and take a dozen phone calls while on the go. 

This week has been a string of “those” days.  Today was dance class day.  Which means I spent forty-five minutes convincing Maura to wait for her turn at dance.  Which meant I wrestled and dealt her while she ran around, pounded on the door to the dance class room and in-between, sat on my lap and cried, then was consoled and happy for a few more minutes.  Of course, once she was able to have her dance class, Miriam was a chatty cathy who talked so much I wasn’t sure she was breathing.  (Of course, Miriam gets that honestly – she comes from a long line of talkative women.) 

For someone who didn’t dance at all, I was physically exhausted by the end of it all.  So I fed the kids cereal for dinner.  Either I was the world’s best mom, or the world’s worst.  Feel free to be the judge.  I don’t mind.