An evening with the boys

Josh took the girls to the Daddy/Daughter Dance (which actually has been changed to the more politically correct “Sweetheart Dance” title, but whatever…)  So tonight, it’s me and my boys.

Well, dinner was a bit of a scrounge-around, so I volunteered Sean to make grilled cheese for himself and his brother.  Collin thought he lucked out until I noticed the garbage can was full.  Guess who got volunteered for that?  As Collin groaned a bit, I make a couple of “cracking the whip” noises – because I’m a snot.

Being my son – and therefore just as much as a snot – Collin reacted to that with “I’ll just get you the rest of the slave driver costume.” 

Oh the laughter that abounded from that!  I asked if it would be a Mother’s Day gift, he threatened to start his own Civil War.  I reminded him that I was from the North and therefore would win.  Ah, foiled again!

Well, Sean said something else, and Collin decided to treat him to a Vulcan Death Grip…except his landed more along the neck and drew blood. We didn’t notice the scratch at first, I was too busy telling them (yet again) that you leave necks alone, period.  And then expanding that to “No, you may not pinch his shoulder in a Vulcan Death Grip either – you’re not a Vulcan.”  Then we noticed the scratch. 

Collin was immediately contrite for drawing blood on his brother and went to get him a bandage.  I said “Just don’t get a Care Bear or princess one.”  So what does he do?  Dig through the cabinet to find a Care Bear one, then tried to play it off as the only bandage that was the right size. 

Sean didn’t buy it.  He found a whole box of appropriately sized bandages and may have whacked his snot of an older brother with it. 

Eventually, the grilled cheese was cooked, and the boys have settled down to watch Mythbusters.  Because watching the Mythbusters crew blow stuff up is way more fun than wrestling a brother.