The day came

Today was the day I discovered that my first-born child is now taller than me. 

Granted, that’s not hard to do, seeing as I’m only five foot one.  But it still burns a little.  Oh, I know, they’re supposed to grow.  And to be honest, I want my children to be taller than me.  I’ve known this day was coming for months.  In May, Collin measured a half-inch shorter than me.  He then stalled out in growth for months. 

But today – well, it started with Sean, who stood next to me and suddenly seemed much taller than before.  Turns out the little snot has been growing too.  I’ve threatened to stop feeding them, but they know I’m joking.  Instead, I now have one son who’s an inch shorter than me, and another who’s an inch taller than me. 

I guess I should start saving up for that new wardrobe they’re both going to need.  And for that therapy they’ll need once I’m done with all my “What happened to my baby boys?” carrying ons.