Salon day for doggie

So our little dog has gotten shaggy.  Being a Yorkie, he’s got longer hair.  When we got him, my mother-in-law had trimmed him a bit because his hair had been so matted.  I considered letting it grow out a bit.  But for various reasons, I decided it was time to cut it.

Now, I’ve never groomed a dog before.  All our other dogs didn’t need any trimming.  I thought about taking him to the pet groomers, but let’s face it.  I’m cheap.  I have cut the boys hair and trimmed the girls, so  I didn’t think I’d completely butcher the dog’s hair.

I have to say, having cut a squirmy two year old’s hair is good practice for trimming up a Yorkie.  He was very good in the beginning.  He chewed on a bone while I trimmed up his back end.  It was the face area that got tricky.  He moved around as much as any squirmy child.  Maybe more.  Also, I had to deal with the big dog being very curious as to what I was doing to the little dog.  Which just got the little dog worked up because he was certain big dog was going to steal his bone (which big dog does do.)

Eventually, I finished the job.  Not too bad.  I am noticing spots I missed that I will have to go back and deal with.  But all in all, for a first time, it was pretty successful.  And go figure – his coat does seem softer.  I guess he had some split ends?

So chalk up “dog groomer” to yet another skill I’ve learned since college.