Today, I picked the girls up from school.  Usually they ride the bus home, but I was supposed to take Maura to her new speech therapy directly after school.  However, a snowstorm decided to arrive early and start messing up the roads (which weren’t very ploughed, since one of the budgets that got cut here in Michigan was the snow removal budget.  But that’s not my “Huh?” moment.)

Well, I was supposed to pick up Maura anyway, so I did, and gathered Miriam as well. Miriam asked if we could go get a treat…I knew what she wanted and so we headed to the coffee shop for hot cocoa and baked goods.

As we sit there with our hot chocolates, I asked Miriam how school was (because  I do try to keep that “good mom” personae up in public, and good moms ask about school.)  Mim says school was fine and “Oh, we had a tornado drill today.”


“Yeah, a tornado drill.  I got wet.”

Okay, why did the children get wet?  Because they held the tornado drill after recess, after all the kids came in from the snowy playground with their wet snowy boots and gear, and the floors were all wet where they had to crouch and cover.

I’m still trying to figure out why they needed to hold a tornado drill during a snowstorm.  I mean, Michigan isn’t really known for tornados.* 

*And last time I said that, someone tried to convince me Michigan had lots of tornados.  I beg to differ.  We lived in Little Rock for five years.  Three out of five of those years, the city of Little Rock took a direct hit.  You can see the one constantly featured on the Discovery Channel.  We’ve had to take cover twice in the 9 years we’ve lived in Michigan.  And both times, nothing was hit.