Happy St. Valentine’s Day

Yeah, I said it.  I said “St. Valentine’s Day”.  Have I mentioned I’m Catholic?  No?  Yes?  Well, I am.  Hey, I’m Irish and Italian – it’s practically genetic at that point.  But the Catholic training in me always has to put on the Saint part of the day today. 

We had a low-key day around here.  Our dishwasher broke last night so I got a new one – in the shape of my poor husband who hand washed  all the dishes.  I will say, he does a much better job than the dishwasher.  In return for his fabulous Valentine gift of dishwashing, I bought paper plates.  The kids got the obligatory heart box of chocolate.

Right now, the little dog is snuggled up to my leg napping.  This time at least, he doesn’t have his chin laying half on my laptop – or worse, my left hand.  It’s funny, earlier today I was typing, his head on my hand and it didn’t bother him even though I was jostling his head about as I typed. 

But while he’s not on someone’s lap, he has a couple places he likes to nap.  One is his little bed.  The other – the little foam Blue’s Clues thinking chair.  I’d like to think that maybe his life’s dream is to play Blue’s Clues.  Okay, his life dream is us dropping a plate of ribs.  But he likes the chair.