To the lady at Target

Dear lady at Target,

As a mom, I understand the need to deal with situations with our kids in the actual moment.  However, I did not appreciate being your “teaching moment” with your little girl today.

Oh, yes, I did hear you.  It was hard not to as I was down the aisle from where you were berating her for allegedly staring at me.  I heard every word you said to her, about how horribly rude it was to stare at someone and how you weren’t going to stand for that kind of rudeness.  Sure, you daughter who looked to be about four or five years old started to cry and said she only stared because she thought I was someone she knew, and she begged you to stop talking about it so loudly.  But you stood firm, and kept going on about how rude she was to stare, how wrong it was, and that her behavior towards that lady was horrible.  That lady being me.

Let me tell you that honestly, in  my opinion, the only rude person in that aisle was you.  Like I said, I’m all for correcting behavior in the moment.  But what you did was basically public humiliation, not to mention extremely uncomfortable for me to have to stand there and listen to you as I got hand soap as quickly as possible so I could leave not have to listen to you tell your daughter how rude she was anymore. 

In other words, next time you decide to teach your daughter a lesson, do it quietly and kindly.  And leave other people out of it.