Maura’s fashion sense

Maura has a love of dance outfits, especially those leotards with the skirts already attached.  If she had her way, she’d probably wear a costume everywhere.

I found two new dance outfits for the girls at Target the other day in cute colors (instead of the black and pink we usually end up with.)  One purple one, one magenta one.  Both with shimmery skirts.  Maura found the purple one yesterday and wanted it on.  I said “No.” because today was dance class day and I didn’t want to have to wash it today so she could wear it for class. 

Maura doesn’t take “No for an answer well.  She basically tried again…and again…then found tights to go with it and asked another time for help.  I stood my ground.  When bedtime came, she carried the tights and outfit to bed with her.

This morning, Josh woke her up for school.  Maura came out of her room, leotard in hand, and handed it off to Josh.  He once again told her no, that she wasn’t going to put it on for school.  Oh the disappointment!

Luckily, we did finally let her wear one of the new dance outfits.  She became a happier girl.  So much so that she’s sleeping in it right now.