I’m watching the Olympics and the Japanese skater Nobunari Oda who was just on had his lace break.  Up to that moment, he was a good skater, but nothing thrilling to me.  Now?  I’m impressed with him. 

He quickly went over to the judges, showed what happened. He had three minutes to fix the problem.  He did.  He quickly went off the ice, fixed the lace, re-tied everything up and headed back out onto the ice, where he finished the rest of his program.  He did not lose his composure, he didn’t flip out.  He remained calm and focused the entire time.  He persevered.  And the audience applauded him for that.

He’s someone I could have my kids look up to, at least in that moment in time.  I can say “Look guys, see how in this very big moment, he didn’t flip out when something went wrong.  He finished. Because sometimes, finishing is the most important thing.  You may not have won, but at least you can hold your head up high and say “I finished.”