A conversation with Miriam

Names have been changed to protect other people’s privacy 😉

Miriam – “I think I will call my teacher Miss.”

“Honey, you can’t call her just “Miss”.”

“What about Smith?”

“No, you can’t call her by just her last name.”

“Fine, I’ll just call her Jane then.”

This lead to the conversation about how it’s rude to call an elder by their first name without their permission. 

 Then today, she came to me and said “Mom, thank you for giving me lunch money today.  That was really nice.  When I grow up, I’ll get a job and pay you back.”

I thought that one was sweet.  I did explain that she didn’t have to pay me back.  It’s my job as mom to make sure she has a lunch every day.  If it doesn’t get made for some reason, then I should give her enough money to buy lunch.  This morning was crazy, we were running late, and so I chose to let her get hot lunch.

She’s a funny girl, our Miriam.