Customer Service Fail

This was posted on a sewing board I visit.  Background – a woman bought a McCall’s pattern in the size suggested according to her measurements.  The McCall’s pattern stated that this woman, who wears a size 4 off the rack, needed to be in their size 12.  She made the size 10.  It was still big on her.  So she emailed her disappointment to them.

The customer service rep basically insulted her intelligence, stated that “this appears to be your first experience sewing” and that “this is called sewing”.   Condescending much?

I’ve heard from other seamstresses that McCall patterns are horrible.  Turns out their customer service is just as lousy.  Needless to say, I won’t be buying their products if this is how things are.

link to blog with the full email conversation between customer and customer service rep –