O Canada!

They just did the medal ceremony for Men’s Skeleton (yes, I’m talking about the Olympics again – what can I say?  I’m an unabashed Olympic junkie.)

Anyway, a Canadian won the gold medal.  So of course, the throngs of people there belted out their national anthem with true style.  Now, I’m a bit biased.  I think the U.S.A has the best national anthem.  It has good build-up and ends with a bang.  But I do believe “O Canada” comes in second – it also has a nice build up and good ending. 

Also…back in 1992 during the winter olympics, I was in college, and the Canadians were going for gold in hockey (I know, I was surprised to hear that too.)  Our college campus mainly only got one channel, sometimes two if you lived in the right dorm.  So some of the Canadian students took over the big tv in the student union.  We’d walk through going to class and they’d be there, cheering on their team.  By the end of the week, they were all but camped out, moving couches and all.  Amazingly, no one told them to move, maybe because their spirit was catching.  With every game won, these guys would stand up and proudly sing “O Canada”  – and it did catch on, even if we didn’t know the lyrics. 

This may not be patriotic of me…but I’m rooting for Canada to win gold in hockey.  Because it would be just such a moment in time to hear all of Canada singing their national anthem at that moment.