This isn’t working

Well, not tonight.  My brain that is.  It has decided it’s Sunday night and we should be doing something brainless. Something that doesn’t require thought.  Not writing.

No, here on my couch is not where I’m inspired right now.  Yesterday in the car, massive amounts of thoughts going through.  Things that would have made an interesting post.  Tonight, I’ve got “Oops, forgot to start the washer.” and “Oh, I need to put the leftovers in the fridge.”  Neither thoughts are inspiring.

The biggest news of tonight – Miriam has decided she wants bangs.  Every girl in her class has bangs except her.  Every!  Well, maybe not every girl, but almost every girl.  I reminded her that the time she did have bangs cut (there’s a story behind that one of course), she looked at the finished product and started to cry.  Miriam said she wouldn’t cry this time.  I told her I’d consider it.  I’m considering that this too is just a phase and in two days she’ll forget the whole bang issue.