You know you have children when…

22 Feb

…your hairbrush is full of Barbie hair.

…there’s crayon on your walls.

…you always have at least two socks stuffed in-between your couch cushions.

…you spend an hour looking for the lost hamster in your car.

…you quote “Phineas and Ferb”.

…you have the phone number to Poison Control memorized. (800-222-1222)

…you have a golf ball in your shoe.

…you also have Cheerios in your shoe…possibly at the same time as the golf ball.

…you find your scarf wrapped around a snowman.

…you hide your favorite snacks so you don’t have to share.

…you haven’t gone to the bathroom alone in years.

…you own soccer shoes in 7 sizes and ballet shoes in 4.

…your bathtub has Barbie mermaids in it.

…your car has french fries and goldfish crackers hidden about.

…you no longer own a Sharpie…and know that Sharpie is very hard to get off of glass.

…you have theories about Dora the Explorer.

…you set the ringtone for the school to “It’s the End of the World As We Know It”.    Okay, maybe that’s just  me and my weird sense of humor.

Feel free to add your own!


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