Trying again

Today, while at Whole Foods grabbing some groceries, I saw they had their seeds out again.  So I bought a few packets. 

Apparently I don’t learn from my mistakes.  I’m not a gardener.  I have a black thumb.  I kill houseplants regularly.  Yet I truly believe that I could have a nice garden if I tried harder.  So I plant a few plants.  Eventually, they all die.  Or flourish while being neglected.  There’s no real in-between.

I still bought more seed packets today.  I’m going to give it a real try this year.  I want to have a garden.  I want to grow flowers and tomatoes and other such things.  I’m just going to actually learn about gardening this time around.  Because I’m tired of having dead plants.  Or ones that grow wild. 

I have learned though that conventional gardening isn’t my style.  No pretty formal landscaping for me.  No, what worked out best last year was the packet of wildflower seeds I threw at the ground by the side of the house. So informal I shall go.  At least with the flowers.