Silly girl

Maura picked out a candy bar today when we were at the hardware store getting stuff to start seeds.  She chose well, a Milky Way bar.  She was SO excited to have it, hopping up and down, giddy with delight.  We got in to the car and she wanted it opened, so I opened it.  Knowing full well that I would probably have to hose her and the car down by the time we got home.

But when we pulled in, I looked back and with surprise noticed her face was perfectly clean.  Weird.  Then Miriam said “She’s licking it like a popsicle!”  and started laughing.

Sure enough, Maura was not eating the candy bar, she was just licking it.  Which for some reason was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.  I tried to tell her she could bite into it but she rejected that idea and kept licking it.