Spring can come

I think cabin fever has hit us.  Especially the dogs.  It’s warmer outside, but so muddy that it’s almost not worth the effort.  There’s still snow in places.  Our yard is snow and mud.  All through town there are carcasses of melting snowmen.  And I’ve got a sick little girl with a double ear infection.  We’ve been trapped in our house too long (ie – more than a day, lol!)

So the dogs are on top of each other constantly, which wouldn’t be as annoying if the little dog didn’t always have to fight his battles from the safety of my feet.  The boys are bouncing off the walls.  Mim’s getting in the middle of the dogs then whines that one of them stepped on her.  The little dog wants my attention so the big dog decides he wants my attention too (before little dog, he could have cared less.)

Yes, Spring can arrive.  Snow can finish melting.  At this point, a muddy house would be okay with me.  But we all need to get out of here!