I do believe…

…that I may start rewriting my book.  I’ve gone back and forth on this.  Do I keep plodding along, or do I start a rewrite?  And I think the answer is rewrite. 

Not a whole complete one.  I like the basis of it all.  But it feels bland, like a vanilla sundae.  Oh, vanilla is good.  But it’s better with some hot fudge poured over it.  My story needs toppings.  Hot fudge.  Sprinkles. Whipped cream.  Things to make it less bland. 

I am not looking forward to this.  It would be easier to keep plodding along.  But I’ve determined it’s not the right course.  So I shall print out all the pages and start afresh.  If it’s not the right decision, well, I can pick up where I left off. 

Now I just need to look up the patron saint of writers.  Because I will need all the help I can get!