Two Letters

Dear Whole Foods Shoppers –

Listen you, I have kids.  I want to feed them in a healthy manner.  I’m just as conscious about my food as you are, if not  more.  I’m trying to teach my kids healthy food habits.  Ergo, I will oftentimes bring said children into your mecca of healthy eating.  Despite their small shopping carts, Whole Foods is not a store that caters to just the single person or couple.  It caters to all who want to pay too much for organic chemical free foods.  Please stop eyeing my kids as if I’ve brought a pack of rabid monkeys into the store.  Especially when they are behaving.  And please stop trying to kill us in the parking lot.  Try looking where you’re going when you drive. 



Dear Whole Foods Staff –

Thank you for being such a great group of workers.  You guys make my shopping experience worthwhile.  Never have I gotten a cross-eyed look from any of you.  You all have been courteous and helpful with a smile.  You’ve even gone out of your way to entertain my kids, including telling one about every fish in the case once.  Never have you frowned upon my child for screaming over not being able to push the cart.  I appreciate that. 


The woman who keeps bringing kids into your store 🙂