I should be…

…putting together a penguin costume for Maura right now.  I’m procrastinating.  It will get done.  All I really have to do is cut out an oval from white fleece and sew it onto the black shirt I got her, then find a black hat for her to wear as well. 

See, tomorrow is one of those “fun” days at school that I think are designed to drive us parents crazy.  It’s “Dress as your favorite story character” day.  Really, who thinks of these things?  Do they realize what turmoil they can put a parent through?  The best one from this week was one mom’s struggle with her daughter’s chosen character – Addy from the American Girl collection.  Doesn’t sound too bad until you realize that her daughter is caucasian and Addy is an African-American character. I don’t think teachers thought of that when creating this school day.

For me, I particularly enjoy pajama day – aka “Struggle with Miriam, who always wants to wear her shortest nightgown with nothing underneath” day.  You know, that one she really outgrew last year but still fits Maura, so she wants to wear it this year?  And how it would be just absolutely ruined if she had to wear something underneath?  The girl owns several top and pants pajama sets, but no…we must always wear the little nightgown.  This year she picked out the sleeveless one that was actually a bit too big, so she agreed to capri leggings underneath as long as they weren’t visible under the gown.  She rejected the idea of a shirt underneath.  It didn’t match well enough.

Then there is the 100th Day of School celebration.  I loathe that day.  I’ve done it five times now.  Maybe six.  This celebration day entails coming up with 100 items for the child to bring in.  For Collin, we cut out a big star from poster board and put 100 star stickers on it.  Miriam’s teachers were smarter and the collection had to fit inside a quart sized bag.  But I still have to find 100 things. 

I should be grateful for less of these days.  However, I’d take more of these if they banished fundraisers.