Sunny spring day

Today was a sunny warm spring day.  We tried to take advantage of it because according to the weatherman, it shall turn to crap by the end of the weekend.  You know, regular March weather for us.

I spent some time starting seeds for my garden.  You know, so I have more stuff to kill off this year. Tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers and lavender.  Possibly to go in the spot where I chainsawed shrubbery yesterday. 

We also plotted where to move the weird shed thing that could be useful but is not being used right now.  It’s either move it to a corner of the yard or tear it down.  Also where to put the pool this year.  Last year we just put it up.  This year, we’re going to actually think about how we do that.  Last year, it ended up being slightly uneven, which became more uneven, which became really uneven.  We’d like to avoid that this year.

Yes, I’ve decided this is the year we get our yard in order.  Hmmm…maybe I should take Before and After photos.