Let the rewrite begin!

I started the rewrite of what I have so far of my future best-seller 😉

What I’ve learned is…

…I love, love, love commas, and possibly, maybe even probably, use them too much.

…what I have written so far, I’m really quite happy with. 

…I’ve made less changes than I thought I would. 

…staring at a little computer screen for too long will make my eyes blurry.

…I made the right choice by cutting and pasting and editing each chapter rather than re-typing it all.

Josh will be around a lot for the next three weeks, so we’re going to try to schedule lots of writing time in those weeks.  I’m very lucky, he’s extremely supportive of my writing.  Of course, he also has a dream of living off his rich wife, and I want to  make that dream come true!