Shopping with Sean

Sean keeps growing.  And with that, comes outgrowing his clothes.  So I dragged him out unwillingly to Old Navy today to get clothes that fit.  I was even nice enough and just bought shorts, no pants.  He prefers shorts, it’s nearly short season anyway, so why not?

He moaned and groaned and passive-agressively made every decision.  The saleslady asked me if there was anything I needed.  My answer?  “A more cooperative child.”

Oh, he’d agree to something.  But in a “Yeah, but I’m just saying yeah to get you off my back, I could care less.” sort of way.  But we made it though it all.  Afterwards I asked him where he wanted to go next.  He said “Cold Stone Creamery?”

Now we never go there.  With four kids and their endless options, it just gets too expensive.  Who wants to spend $35 on ice cream?  However, with one child in tow, it’s almost affordable.  We managed to keep it under ten dollars.  I did allow him to get the big serving and the waffle cup dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.  After all that, he was in a better mood. He actually didn’t mind picking out a couple more shirts and shorts at Target later. 

Of course, later on we had an educational moment at home.  I hear Josh tell Sean to stop saying the word “bosoms”, then asked him if he even knew what that word meant.  Sean said he didn’t know what it meant, just that it was fun to say.  I tried to leave the room so father could explain this to son without me present, but did hear Sean say “OH!” 

I actually did choke on my iced tea.  I hope I survive the boys’ puberty.