You haven’t lived…

…until you’ve groomed a Yorkie.

Amazingly, he still likes me.

Our Yorkie’s hair is just easier to deal with when it’s shorter.  I cut it a few weeks ago with scissors, actually did a decent job.  However, I didn’t feel like spending another half hour sitting on the floor trying not to cut my fingers off along with his hair.  So today, I chose to use the clippers. 

Shockingly, he didn’t flip out.  He did a lot better than Sean did at age two.  Really, there isn’t a lot of difference between grooming a Yorkie and cutting a two-year old’s hair.  Both move around a lot.  Both don’t like it at all.  Both have the potential of biting you.  The advantage of the two-year old is you can hand them a lollipop and turn on cartoons to keep them happy, and you don’t have to shave their backside (at least, I hope not!)   However, you can tether a Yorkie down and swat his nose if he’s naughty.  Sure, you can do both to the two-year old as well, but people frown upon that.  I don’t recommend it. 

After getting groomed and bathed and blown dry, the Yorkie did what he needed to do – flip around on the carpet one hundred times to take the shine off his newly washed fur.  Then he found a lap and went to sleep.  It’s a rough life for the Yorkie.  I know I feel badly for him.