Food for thought

So I’m watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  Even for someone like me, who is aware of the lousy food out there, it is eye-opening.  The premise is Jamie Oliver, world-famous chef from Britain, goes into Huntington, WV to try to show people how to eat healthier.  Huntington has been rated the most unhealthy city in America, which is why it was chosen.

I felt a little bad for Jamie during parts of it.  He does seem to care about what’s going on with these people’s diets and met with some resistance.   The one part though that was surprising was the segment where the kindergarteners couldn’t identify the tomatoes. Collin even said “How can they not know what a tomato is?”  That and how the school won’t give forks to kindergarteners, if I heard that correctly.  They looked at Jamie like he had three heads when he asked about knives.  Give knives and forks to kids?  To eat with?  Inconceivable!

I don’t watch a lot of tv, but I do think this will be a regular show for me. 

In other news, feel free to read my big fat ranty letter to Medco that I posted on my Wonderpuzzle blog!