Rants and Raves – Ikea 365+ dinnerware

27 Mar

I feel like iCarly saying this (what, you don’t watch iCarly???  Why not?)  – but I’ve decided to add a new segment to the show…or a new category to the blog – rants and raves.

I use a lot of stuff. I might as well rate it all, right?

So my very first Rant and Rave – is a rant.

Sorry Ikea.  But your 365+ dinnerware is my very first rant.

I bought this set last year, after we broke so many of our bowls, we were running out of things to put cereal in.  (Cereal is a very big deal in our household, as are bowls.)  Josh wanted a specific style of bowl.  One that had tall sides, that you could really wrap your hands around.  While perusing our almost local Ikea one day, I saw the 365+ line, with bowls only Josh could love.  As our then current dinnerware was sort of mismatched (or cleverly shabby chic, you decide), I thought it would be nice to have a full set of matching dishes. 

I liked the style of the items, squarish but still with a curve.  I liked that I didn’t have to buy huge plates – I could get medium ones, and little ones. They also had bowls that were more shallow, perfect for stews and salads and pasta.  They were affordable, they looked nice, they stacked up neatly in my cabinet.

The problem?  They chip and break like nobody’s business. 

At first, I blamed the boys for being too hard on them as they loaded the dishwasher.  But it wasn’t just the boys breaking them.  We all were.  If one hit the ground, it had a fifty percent chance of being a goner.  Or at least chipped.  At least one-third of my items are now chipped I would guess.  I’ve never seen dishes that break or chip so easily – and we owned glass plates at one point!

Josh said a few months ago that the dishes were lousy, we’d probably need to look at getting new ones, that I was forbidden to buy more of these.  I tried to defend them – I do love the look of them.  But when, while unloading the dishwasher, Miriam broke two of them a couple of weeks ago, I finally gave up the fight.  There is no defense for them.  As nice looking as they are, they just aren’t durable.

Of course, now I’ve been left with the expensive task of trying to replace all my dishes.  This time, I’ve decided to go with what many other moms have recommended – Fiesta dinnerware.  They are more expensive, but honestly, they are what I’ve wanted for years.  Even better – they have a 3 year chip warranty. To lesson the sticker shock of buying enough for our size of family, I’ve decide to buy them bit by bit.  Meanwhile we’ll keep breaking the Ikea dishes.

So two thumbs down for Ikea 365+ dinnerware.  Sorry Ikea.  I love lots of your other products.  I’m just not going to buy kitchen items from you again.


4 Responses to “Rants and Raves – Ikea 365+ dinnerware”

  1. Phoebe's favorite aka Kate March 30, 2010 at 11:06 pm #

    i signed up to get your blog via email! logan has successfully broken 4 or 5 glasses, no plates yet though…he did break a corel ware bowl today which i was told was supposed to be IMPOSSIBLE to break! that’s why mama & daddy bought them when all five of us were little…apparently logan is either a) a beast b) corel ware lied! *note mama is STILL using the majority of those corel ware bowls/plates she bought when i was in the 7th grade!*

    • phoebz4 April 2, 2010 at 10:39 pm #

      Corel is definitely breakable – my mom had them too 😉 If you have tile floors, you can basically kiss anything you drop onto them goodbye.

  2. earthfairies November 2, 2013 at 11:05 am #

    My Ikea 365 are made in Turkey. No problem with them but then again I do not use them for everyday use. They are too nice for that. Where are yours made? I do know some of their 365 series is made in China, and Thailand. However, mine are the older discontinued ones in beige and white which are no longer available.

  3. Cindy March 8, 2014 at 11:38 am #

    I LOVE my 365 dishes from Ikea Ive had them for just over 2 years and have only chipped one bowl just last week. I was just online ordering more. They don’t scratch or chip for me.

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