Just a normal day…

…in a normal week.

Well, for us.

Monday was the Big Deal IEP Meeting to plan out Maura’s next school year and what services she receives.  The meeting consisted of Josh and I, Maura’s teacher, Maura’s other teacher, Maura’s aide, the speech therapist, the occupational therapist, the physical therapist, the special ed director, the school psychologist, the school principal, a first grade teacher representative and the teacher consultant.  Oh, and Maura joined us after a while.

Three and a half hours later, we have next year mostly plotted out. 

Tuesdays are when Maura goes to extra speech therapy in the afternoons.  Usually its rush her there, watch her do speech stuff, take notes about what I’m to do with her over the course of that week, and get home so I can turn around and take boys to religious education (Miriam’s is on Mondays.)  They have this and next week off from it, so no rushing home.  We ran errands instead.  You know, it’s amazing Maura doesn’t say the word “Target” because lord knows she sure can shop there! 

Today Maura had an eye doctor appointment.  He did a full exam which meant she had to have those eye dilation drops.  She did look a bit like those big eyed dolls the girls have, but she did fine. She picked out a blue lollipop afterwards, then as we picked out new frames, she entertained herself by sticking her blue tongue out as she looked in the mirror.  Go figure, little miss “I know what I like” picked out Vera Bradley frames.  They are really cute.  And she was very disappointed that she couldn’t wear them home. 

At some point this week, I should do something with those other three kids.  Good thing they understan why I have to occasionally neglect them.  Of course, I also made dessert last night, so that earned me brownie points!