Once again…

…I am impressed with my older three children. 

Today, Maura had a seizure (for that story, you need to visit the other blog…)  She’s never had one at home that we’re aware of.  Collin and Miriam both ended up witnessing it, and neither one of them freaked out about it.  Collin immediately went to Maura’s aide and tried to help her.  And then afterwards, they did dramatic reenactments of what she did for me in the living room. 

I know kids are resilient.  But mine just seem to be more than that.  I mean, their sister goes and hits the ground in front of them and they don’t freak out.  Most adults in the same position would have.  Is it because they don’t know any better?  Maybe.  But even after I said she probably had a seizure, they didn’t bat an eye. 

Maura may have things going against her, but she has a trio of siblings working for her.  Josh and I constantly look at each other and wonder what we did right – because obviously, we’ve done something right in raising those three.