Parental Tricks – sticky putty

I was telling someone once how I was the first of my college friends to have children.  She responded with “They must come to you all the time for advice.”

Yes, it does happen. 

In the now fourteen years of motherhood, I have learned a few tricks.  I have also memorized Poison Control’s phone number (1-800-222-1222)…but those are tales for another day.

Yesterday, I got to employ some knowledge on Miriam’s hair.  Miriam, who’s been sick, fell asleep on the little sofa.  Did I mention some idiot woman put Silly Putty in her children’s Easter baskets?  Can you see where this is going?  Yes, Miriam woke up with a wad of Silly Putty stuck on the side of her head, entangled in her long hair.

Oddly enough, this is NOT the first time I’ve had to take putty of some sort out of Mim’s hair.  The first time, she was playing with therapy putty that was sent home with Maura.  I left her at the kitchen table, playing with the green putty respectfully, to use the bathroom.  Seriously, I should know better than to use the bathroom while my children are awake.  Anyway, while in said bathroom, there was a knock on the door and Miriam saying “Mooom!  There’s something stuck in my hair!”

I open the bathroom door to find Miriam standing there, hair in face, a big glob of green goo hanging down like a giant ball of snot in her hair.

I have to admit, I started laughing.  Miriam didn’t think it was so funny and told me so in loud tones.  After a few minutes I realized it wasn’t funny at all.  In an attempt to pull the green goo out, she broke off the whole chunk of hair.  In her defense, Miriam did not stick the green putty in her hair.  Instead, she leaned over to get something, and her hair got caught in the putty on the table.

I did remember Maura’s speech therapist telling me white vinegar gets therapy putty out of carpets and off furniture.  I learned it also got it out of hair.  However, damage had been done, and eventually bangs were cut to hide the fact that Mim had this funky chunk of hair that hung an inch wide over the one side of her forehead.

Needless to say, after the green putty experience, Miriam knew yesterday not to pull out the Silly Putty.  And lucky for her, I had just bought a new gallon of white vinegar.  The Silly Putty was removed without any hair loss, much to our relief.  Because Miriam would look silly with bangs over her right ear.

So, if you ever get putty of any sort stuck in your hair (or on clothing or carpeting), white vinegar is the way to get it out.