The evolution of a town

In a recent post, I talked about how much the town I grew up in has changed over the years.  Especially the last ten.  Whole blocks were torn down for the sake of progress.  Of course, then I read an article in the local paper about how these new strip malls have been standing empty. 

In the Facebook group I mentioned in the other post, someone posted a link to a photo site showing the changes over the years.  Apparently, ripping down old structures for new ones is a tradition in town.  Again, maybe I’m sentimental.  Maybe I like old buildings too much.  But I wonder, is tearing down all the old buildings really worth it? 

When I was in Ireland, one of the things that stood out to me was that they made the building work for them instead of tearing down and rebuilding.  Sure, it sometimes made an interesting hike to the bathroom, but it also made for more interesting streets.  I noticed this again in London the first night, when we went to a restaurant.  From the outside, it looked like a tiny place.  But then you got inside and realized there was more to it – the garden space behind the shop front was converted into more dining area.  You never knew what you were going into when you entered a shop front in London or Dublin. 

My train of thought has left the station, so here’s where I shall end this post.