Help.  I’m trapped in my house, being held hostage by a virus.  I’ve lost almost all contact with the outside world.  Please send more Advil and thermometer covers. 

We’re usually a very healthy group of people.  Heck, we haven’t even been sick this winter.  And then April came along to kick our butts.  Whatever Maura had was passed to Miriam, then went to Collin, then myself, and now Sean’s developed the dreaded fever and headache.    The laundry has built up, the refrigerator needs cleaning out, and I am getting desperate to get out of here and do anything.  Grocery shopping sounds like fun at this point.  Heck, getting called to visit the principal because Miriam’s smacked some little boy sounds like a dream!

(Let me state, Miriam has only ever smacked a boy once, it was first grade, and he started it by poking her in her newly pieced earlobe.  We did discuss why that wasn’t nice to do and haven’t had a repeat…yet…)

The one plus – USA network plays “Law and Order” reruns all day long.  So I have something interesting to watch.  I did read once that “Law and Order” is the smart woman’s show.  Of course, I probably negated any of those “smart woman” points by being way too opinionated over last night’s episode of  “Dancing with the Stars”.

Yes, I am a bored and stir-crazy babbling woman today.  Forgive me.  I’m giving up on this week and hoping next week finds everyone in this house healthy.