and then, Life happened…

So it’s been more than a few days since I blogged.  I was bogged down by first sick girls, then a sick boy, then I got sick, then another sick boy…Josh managed to skirt around the Five Day Virus that got the rest of us.

After that, I spent a week trying to catch up from the two previous weeks, only to stumble upon some not-so-fun stuff with special ed rules and regulations.  However, I do believe we’ve worked things out, so I won’t rant about that here.  Oh, I could definitely rant about it.  I have been in the real world.  I just don’t need to start up that stress-factory again.

During all this, spring arrived.  I had grand plans for a garden, got seeds, planted them…and then somehow failed in a big way because not a single seed sprung.  It shouldn’t have been that hard – put seeds in dirt, water, watch grow, right?  Ha.  The black thumbs of mine stuck again.  So I will buy plants again this year and kill those.  No, I never learn.  I always am optimistic.  The kids are beginning to find the humor in this.  Just for that, they’re getting plant-watering duties.