It was a dark and stormy night…

…the night I went into labor with Sean.  Seriously, there was a tornado warning – which, in retrospect, is so very appropriate for Sean.  I vividly remember our little fresh-from-nursing school nurse coming into the room as the tornado sirens wailed and asking me if I’d brought a robe.  I said yes.  She said “Good, why don’t you lay it here on the bed, so if the windows blow out, you can cover yourself with it.  And Dad, ” she said to Josh, “why don’t you come over to this side of the bed, away from the windows?”

Josh and I sort of looked at each other, then turned to her and asked if maybe we should move out into the hallway.  She said no, we’d be fine.  We did end up being fine, but there was a moment or ten of doubt.   Thirteen hours or so after the tornado warning, Sean finally made his debut.  All 8 1/2 pounds and gorgeous head of dark blonde hair. 

And now, today, he’s twelve years old and possibly taller than me.  I haven’t checked.  I want to be in denial of that for a few more days.

Sean as a baby was a lot like he is today.  Laid back, sleeps like a rock, happy when awake.  He was the baby with no schedule.  The infant who loved his swing.  The toddler who at fourteen months climbed out of the crib.  He walked at eight months.  His first sentence was “I’m tuck!”, which meant I had to find out exactly where he was stuck.  Once, it was inside the rocking airplane.  Okay, twice.  He had no fear.  He loved being flung through the air by his father, loved swings and slides and “surfing” on the gliding ottoman – which is probably what he was doing when he cut his forehead open at 23 months, requiring four stitches. 

It’s funny – remembering back to his early years, I see so much of who he is now.  At age two, he loved to color on the walls.  This past week, he used the leather-working kit he got for Christmas to make himself a wallet.  He was that easy-going baby.  He’s still a duck.  Things just roll off his back.  He has always thought Collin was pretty cool.  He loved watching Collin run around while he sat in the bouncy seat.  He can still sit and watch Collin do something…though Collin  no longer needs to drag him around by the ankles to get him someplace (which is what I caught Collin doing when Sean was about three months old.)

Today Sean asked me what animal reminded me of him.  I said “sea turtle.”  See, Sean has had this love of sea creatures for a very long time.  His first was a water Pokemon.  Then it went to real creatures, especially orcas and dolphins.  I found a stuff sea turtle doll one year and got it for him and he loved that thing!  Since then, I think of him when I see a sea turtle.

Today, I took him to Petsmart – because on his birthday list was a turtle.  See, we made a rule that you couldn’t get a pet until you were ten years old – aka old enough to take care of an animal yourself.  Well, when Sean was turning ten, we found a duckling.  We asked Sean if he was fine with the duck being his pet and he said “Sure.”  Three months later, the duckling was fully grown and flew off on morning.  After that, we said we’d get Sean another pet, but first he wasn’t sure, then we weren’t ready to get one.  So when I saw the word “turtle” on his list, I knew we had to do this. 

I surprised him with the trip to Petsmart to get the turtle and he was so excited!  He picked out a little swimmy turtle and named him Eddie.  At one point, as we watched his new turtle swim around the aquarium, Sean said with a big grin “I finally got my pet!”

Happy Birthday Seanie boy – thanks for making the past twelve years more interesting, for all the laughs, and most of all, for being such a great kid!