The stage mother in me

Miriam has decided she wants to do the talent show.  She’s all signed up, showed them the act (they have “auditions”, but really, everyone gets in), has her costume.  All’s good, right?

Here’s the deal – Josh and I met in the theatre.  I was totally into dancing and choir as a teen.  She’s singing Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me”.  And I find myself desperately wanting to critique her every move.  Maybe even choreograph things for her.  Possibly make her rehearse every day.  I got her the karaoke music.  She informed me she wanted to use the music that also had Taylor Swift singing.  I balked, but got over it and let her do it her way.  I got a sparkly shirt to go with her sparkly shoes.  I have hair and make up plans.  I’m two steps away from taking notes from pageant moms on “Little Miss Perfect”.

I want her to be the best act ever in the history of her elementary school.  Which I find insane that I even am acting this way!  Who knew I could get so worked up over an elementary school talent show?

Luckily, the saner side of me has slapped down the potential stage mom in me and reminded herself that the main thing is that Miriam has fun.  Miriam knows she’s a star, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.  Not even me.  My job is to do her hair and make up (because she will dig that), take pictures and video and present her with flowers afterwards while telling her how great she was.  Not to scar her for life. 

And the reality is, she will do great.  Because Mad Madam Mim has the self-confidence as big as a ten-story building, the flair for the dramatic, the love of an audience, and a cool pair of sparkly gym shoes.  What more does she need?