Dogs are gross

If you’re squeamish…just walk away.  But it is invariably one of those things you encounter when you mix children and pets.  Because let me tell you – NOT the first time something like this has happened!

So this morning, I’m sitting here catching up on email and all, and I smell this not so fresh smell.  I smell poop.  It makes me go “Huh?”, as usually when I smell that, it means Maura needs a diaper change.  But Maura has been sent off to school.  Why am I smelling poop?

I instantly glance around, wondering if maybe a dirty diaper was left behind.  I see none, but the smell is getting stronger.  I get up and start looking around some more.  Not seeing any evidence.  But I am noticing the Yorkie is in his favorite hiding spot behind a chair, very interested in something.  I look. And then, I’m instantly horrified and relieved.  He doesn’t have a whole diaper – thank you Jesus!  But he does have diaper wipes, obviously used. 


I take them away, clean up the area, curse at the dog a little more, and then try to figure out just HOW the dog got these nasty wipes in the first place.  Because I still don’t see a diaper.

And then I see our big dog.  You know, the idiot dog who was getting into the garbage can yesterday while we were gone?  Oh yes, now we have our accomplice.

I’m not thrilled with either pet.  I am going to take great joy in bathing the small dog – who hates bathes – because quite frankly, he smells like a stinky baby wipe. 

And so starts off my Monday morning!  Yours is looking much better now I bet!